Planting Seeds that Grow

Here we Grow!


All classrooms K-5th received five iPads for classroom use.

For the first time, the school offers a Biology I course for high school credit to qualifying 8th graders.
A mobile iPad lab is made available to all 3rd – 5th grade classes.
The expansion of the cafeteria takes place over the summer and will be available for use in the fall of 2015.
The carpool line was moved to behind the gym to create a better flow of traffic and increase the security of the campus.
Plans are created to move the school office to the existing second grade classroom space. Renovations will begin in the summer of 2015.
Additional renovations for the summer of 2015 include moving the After Care room, enclosing the upper level of the gym, and repurposing the old boiler room into classroom space.


A 1 to 1 iPad program is being introduced this school year at the cost of over $100,000.00 for the sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

For the first time, the school offers a Physical Science I high school unit for students who qualify for Algebra I.

The intention of the school, if resources permit, is to establish an I-pad lab for use of students in the lower grades. Finances for that program are not as of yet in place.

The eighth grade classrooms have been doubled so that at each grade level, there are two homerooms.

A new reading series for grades one through five that meets the new Core Curriculum Standards is being adopted.

Enrollment for the school is at 450.


The renovations that began in 2010 to the classrooms in the main building have continued. New A/C Ductless Split Units have been installed in every classroom in the main school building. The window units have been removed. All but three classrooms have had dropped ceilings installed and lighting replaced, and walls and trim repaired and painted. The new A/C units are quiet, efficient with compressors located outside. Because we use our own personnel, the cost for renovating these classrooms has been kept to under $4,000.00 a classroom.

Second graders have moved into their classrooms across the street. The total cost to the school for those classrooms approached $250,000.00. Classrooms are very similar to the Early Learning Center classrooms with water fountains, restrooms, and sinks available to the students. The parking lot for the Ministry Building will give additional spaces for school parking and should relieve congestion.

The parking area along the gymnasium has been paved by the school. The cost for that project was $29,000.00. Teachers no longer have to be concerned with rocks being thrown by students. The area drains properly. Finally, the space is available as part of the school fair grounds.

Internet from fiber optic technology is now available to every building. This has improved our service to the classroom teachers and the students dramatically. The school also has installed a wireless internet system for much of the campus. The cost of that effort was in excess of $35,000.00.

The seventh grade has been doubled to two homerooms. That leaves only the eighth grade to be doubled next school year.

Edline has been upgraded to provide better service for both teacher and parents.

The drainage behind the cafeteria has been improved with the installation of a new culvert near the garbage pick-up. That area has been fenced with the help of the Men’s Club.

Enrollment has grown to 427.


The sixth grade homerooms doubled a splanned.

The playground was refreshed and expanded in area.

The Internet was upgraded and fiber was installed.

Two new classrooms are in the process of being built and will house the second grade.

The preschool was expanded to two classes.

Two additional professional staff were added.

Student enrollment is 410.


The fifth grade homerooms are doubled as planned.

An Art program was purchased for grades 1-8. Students will have art interspersed into the curriculum.

Two additional aide positions were staffed.

Eight StarBoards were installed in the classrooms and the library.

A contract was signed to pour a parking lot along the street in front of the new primary building.

A full time maintenance man was hired for the school and church facilities.

Security fencing for the entire campus was completed.

Student enrollment is 387.


The new primer building was dedicated this year for the preschool, kindergartens, and first grades. The building was the first of several projects funded through the Generation to Generation Capital Campaign through St. Joseph Church Parish.

A new Language Arts program was adopted and implemented for the fall of the year.

The school added two additional teachers as the second and fourth grade homerooms were doubled.

New air conditioning systems that provide a very quiet atmosphere for teaching were installed in the second grade classrooms in the main building . Walls were refurbished in both classrooms and new lighting was installed in one of the classrooms. These renovations greatly improved the classroom environment for the second graders and will be used in additional classrooms in the main school building as funds become available.

The opening of the new building and the growth in the student body required the purchase of additional furniture. Also, five StarBoards were installed in the new primary building. These are excellent teaching tools for the classroom.

The new playground was purchased and installed and being enjoyed by the students. It opened in early January much to the delight of the children.

Student enrollment is 366.


The school opened a 3,000 square foot addition to the Library building that included a new computer lab with thirty-five stations, a new teacher’s lounge and a book room or storage.

The old convent was torn down to make room for the construction of a new primary facility with eight classrooms for the preschool, kindergarten and first grades.

Five new StarBoards were installed in the main school building. Each StarBoard includes a eight foot screen, a video projector, and a computer to operate the system.

A new Reading Series was purchased for the entire school.

The school underwent its 10 Year Self-Evaluation Plan. Visitors to the school were most impressed with the progress being made and sanctioned the plans for the future as outlined in the Self-Evaluation.

Student enrollment is 347.


The school added a new security system including a burglar alarm and security cameras,

The school offered English I as a high school credit to complement the Algebra I offered to talented eighth graders.

The school founded a Literary Club and a Beta Club to offer students more outlets for extra-curricular activities.

The school adopted a new social studies series. Texts are online for the convenience of the students.

The school purchased a mobile computer cart for the use on the upper floor, added fourteen laptop computers to the cart, and installed a new wireless system on the second floor of the main building.

Student enrollment is 317.


The school revised the kindergarten language arts curriculum, purchased additional reading materials for the lower grades, and purchased a significant number of books for the library.

The school replaced 20 computers in the school, incorporated a new server, and significantly upgraded the equipment in the science lab.

Significant additions were made to the plant including new furniture for the preschool, kindergarten and second grade; sidewalks to the front stairs of the building; a new phone system; a new fire alarm system; and fencing on the perimeter of the campus.

A new web site was designed and implemented that serves the school community in a most valuable manner.

Student enrollment is 301.