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Accreditation - About SJS

St. Joseph Catholic School is accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.

For more information about accreditation, please visit the Advance-ED website.

Religion Program

Every child is instructed in the faith and morals of the Catholic Church each day. The length of the religion period varies from twenty minutes for the younger children to fifty minutes for the fifth through eighth graders. Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation and Communion highlights the program. Students attend Mass every Wednesday and on Holy Days throughout the year. The school day is punctuated by prayer. The students have been generous in the past in supporting the Missions and other charitable organizations. Service to their fellow man is emphasized as part of the religious program of the school. St. Joseph provides training for Altar Servers. The school takes much of its religious character from the Dominican fathers who served the school faithfully for many years. Father Paul A. McDuffie serves as pastor and is most supportive and involved in the school's religion program.

Academic Program

The aim of the academic program is to challenge the students to the limits of their capability. Students are leveled for math. The world today demands that students be work-oriented and achievement-oriented. With the cooperation of parents, the school makes every effort to develop those characteristics in its students. The school is aided in its efforts by a full-time librarian, a music program for all students, and a full time physical education teacher. Capable eighth grade students are enrolled in Algebra I and English I. Students receive high school credit for these courses. High school credit courses are taught by faculty members certified on the secondary level. The school assures that students have updated textbooks and appropriate supplementary material. The library facility is computerized and is being upgraded with substantial new book purchases. A commitment has been made to equip the school with the latest in technology. Computers are throughout the school, and a computer literacy for all students is a priority. Technology is an integral part of the school curriculum. Students in grades 6-8 are engaged in an iPad 1:1 program.

The school is most proud of its graduates. Students have been most successful in high school and attend either the local public school or St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Hammond.

Child Development

St. Joseph School staff rewards and teaches self-discipline, self-respect, and respect for the rights of others. It does so with parental support and cooperation. Self-discipline is nurtured in a caring environment that allows for individual differences. The school teaches students love for their neighbors both near and far. The school faculty and staff attempt to assure that students have positive experiences each day they attend school.

General School Environment

Effort is made to break the routine for students from time to time. Holiday parties, a Mardi Gras Parade, field trip days, Grandparents' Day, etc. have become an integral part of the school year. These activities develop a school spirit that is both healthful and enjoyable. The gymnasium provides an excellent venue for many of these activities. School is not only a place for hard work, but also a place for fun and friendship.

Extracurricular Activities

St. Joseph participates in the Northshore Independent Athletic League. Boys play flag football, basketball , soccer , track , cross country and baseball; girls participate in volleyball, basketball, soccer, track , cross country and softball. Over the years the sport teams representing the school have been very successful. Cheerleaders contribute to the spirit of the school. Graduating cheerleaders regularly make the high school cheerleading and dance squads. Our graduating dance team girls often make high school dance or cheer teams.

The Dance Team has been added for the 2018-2019 school year.

The Student Council is composed of the fifth through eighth graders who sponsor programs throughout the year. Membership in the National Junior Beta Club is offered to upper grade students who meet grade point criteria.

Discrimination Policy

St. Joseph School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

General Information

The school provides After School care from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for a nominal fee. The cafeteria serves breakfast and hot school lunches daily.