Renweb - Communications

Renweb is an online Learning Community Management System used by St. Joseph Catholic School for school and class organization and communication.

Renweb is used in grades preK-8th. Homework, class assignments and information, and student progress can all be tracked on Renweb. Ordering and voting are also conducted on Renweb.

More detailed information about this program can be found on our website at RENWEB.

If you have trouble accessing Renweb, please e-mail Mrs. Ragusa at, Mrs Ernst at or Mrs. Toni at


E-mail - Communications

All faculty and staff at SJS have a school E-mail account.

In general, E-mail addresses are the first initial and last name of the employee followed by "".

Employees can also be E-mailed through Edline® or the FACULTY/STAFF PAGE on this website. Be sure to include YOUR e-mail address to ensure a response.


Facebook - Communications

Did you know that St. Joseph Catholic School has a Facebook® site?

If you'd like to be among the first notified about pictures in the photo albums as well as upcoming events and happenings, give us a like.

We can be found on FACEBOOK®.


Website - Communications

The St. Joseph Catholic School website is an invaluable tool when seeking information about the school.

The school newsletter feature is updated weekly. The other tabs are also kept current and cover all aspects of school life including, but certainly not limited to, menus, forms, transporation information, the parent/student handbook, and pictures taken throughout the school year.