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Grandparents Day

Grandparent’s Day at St. Joseph Catholic School



10:00 – 10:30am: Gym Gathering for welcome, prayer, and entertainment
10:30 – 10:45am:Classroom Visits
10:45am – 12:30pm: Picnic lunch, pictures, and Book Fair gift cards.

We will have multiple areas for grandparents to picnic with their grandchildren. Feel free to bring “picnic supplies” such as blankets, chairs, basket/tote, etc. to picnic anywhere on the school grounds. Tables and chairs will be set up under tents around campus, and the use of the cafeteria and gym will be available for seating.

There will be multiple picture stations around campus for students to take a complimentary picture with their grandparents. • A table will be set up to purchase gift certificates for our upcoming Scholastic Book Fair. Cash or check will be accepted.

Family Night/Pizza Night

September 25-29

The SJS Book Fair will be Monday, September 25th - Friday, September 29th.

Students will shop during their scheduled class time.

Family night will be on Wednesday, September 27th from 4:30 - 6:30.

Gift Certificates will be sold on September 22 during Grandparents Day. Checks and cash are accepted

September - 2023

Our word of the week is Faith.

Bible Verse:

“Be still, and Know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

STA Dance Camp

Saints of The Week


Monday, September 18th - Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Born in 1603, Joseph, known as the “Flying Friar” is most famous for levitating during prayer! Although levitation is a sign of holiness it was a cross for Joseph as many people came to see him much as they would go see a circus performer. He remained humble and obedient throughout his life. In the investigation preceding his canonization, 70 incidents of levitation are recorded. He is the patron saint of pilots.

St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for us!

Tuesday, September 19th - Saint Januarius

Our saint for today is St. Januarius who died as a martyr for the faith in 305 A.D. A vial of his blood is kept in the cathedral where he is buried in Naples, Italy. Several times a year including this, his feast day, the blood liquifies. This miracle pays tribute to the preciousness of the blood of every martyr who shed their blood for the truth of the faith.

St. Januarius, pray for us!

Wednesday, September 20th - The Korean Martyrs

Christianity didn’t spread to Korea until 1592 when some Koreans were baptized by Christian Japanese soldiers who were invading the country. Before Religious freedom came to Korea in 1883, many suffered martyrdom. When Pope John Paul II visited there in 1984, he canonized one-hundred Korean and three French missionary martyrs who died between 1839 and 1867. We celebrate them all today.

Korean Martyrs, pray for us!

Thursday, September 21st - Saint Matthew

Matthew was a Jew who worked for the Romans as a tax collector. His fellow Jews considered him a traitor. The Pharisees viewed him as a sinner. So it was a real shock to hear that Jesus called such a man to be one of his followers. But that’s the kind of thing that Jesus did! Matthew wrote one of the four gospels. St. Matthew is the patron saint of accountants, bankers, and bookkeepers.
St. Matthew, pray for us!

Friday, September 22nd - Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions

Lorenzo Ruiz, the first canonized Filipino martyr, became a witness to the faith almost by accident. Fleeing a legal charge, he ended up with a group of Dominicans headed for Japan, where violent Religious persecutions were taking place. Lorenzo, along with all of his companions was arrested, tortured, and finally executed.

St. Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions, pray for us!

Looking Ahead

September 22 - Grandparents Day
September 25 - 29 - Book Fair
September 27 - Family Night at Book Fair
October 6 - NO BUSES

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