Accelerated Reader Program

There are over 110,000 AR quizzes available. We do not have every AR book in our library, but we do have access to every AR quiz. Because we have our program online, your child may read any AR book with a quiz, and, athought we may not carry it in our library, will take a test on it.

To determine if your books from home or any other book you may be interested in purchasing are AR books, you may use the AR Bookfinder website located below. Because there are so many books available to our students, it would not be feasible to print a list for every child. However, the advanced search in the AR Bookfinder website may be used to search for certain book levels and interest levels. You may also look at the collections option for recommendations and lsits of award winning titles.

A TOPS Report prints automatically after a child takes a quiz to give feedback on your child's understanding of the book and shows cumulative data for the marking period and school year. These records are given to your child's teacher and may come home in your child's Wednesday packet.

New to our program this year is a special feature called Home Connect that lets you see how many points your child has what quizzes they have taken, and how well they did. You will need your child's username and password to use the site.



Voter Voice

Voter Voice Electronic Legislative Advocacy Software

Please make your voice heard at the State Capitol on Catholic legislation by signing up for Voter Voice, our new electronic advocacy software system. It will only take you 5 minutes to register by going to the Citizens for Educational Choice (CEC) website at: provide your name, address, and email address.

Here’s how the system works. Danny Loar or Rob Tasman, our lobbyists at the State Capitol, will send you 5-6 emails during the course of the legislative session alerting you to the fact that a key bill is coming up for a vote. You click on the link in the email. It takes you to a screen where you enter your email address, and you are into the system. You are then provided talking points to use in an email to your local state representative or Senator. You can just use Danny or Rob’s language, which most people do, or you can modify it a bit with your own personal comments, especially if you know the legislator. The system automatically fills in the email address of your legislator based on the zip code you have provided; the “Dear Senator X” salutation at the beginning of your email, Danny or Rob’s suggested wording, and your name and street address at the bottom of the letter. If you wish you can spell check what you’ve written. Then you just hit the send button. It’s really fast and easy to do this. Many people complete this entire process in literally 3 minutes. If you decide to change the verbiage to the Senator or Representative, it will take you a total of 7 minutes. And you will have made a difference in the debate!

These emails DO have impact. Legislators often comment on the floor of the House and Senate chambers about how they are getting a large number of emails about a particular issue. Legislators want to know that the email is coming from a voter who actually lives in their district; otherwise they will likely ignore it. They know the streets in their district, having walked them when they knocked on doors and sought votes. This system makes it clear that you are a voter in the legislator’s district.

Please make a difference on private school issues and sign up today for Voter Voice at If you are interested in Catholic Pro-Life and Social Justice issues, please sign up at our Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops website at

Thank you.

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