Welcome to the Library!

Welcome to the Library! - Library

Librarian - Mrs. Dawn Ekker

Mrs. Ekker can be contacted via the faculty page.

New SJS Library Site

New SJS Library Site - Library

Check out the brand new St. Joseph School library website! The site allows a visitor to search for a book in the school library and learn all kinds of information about the book as well as interesting links to other book-friendly places.

The website still has information being added daily. Be sure to visit to learn more about the SJS library!

SJS Library

Accelerated Reader 2018-2019

AR Point Clubs

100 Point Club

Katie Addison- Grade 5
Grace Alexander- Grade 7
Olivia Alston- Grade 5
Zachary Bagby -Grade 5
Caroline Bankston- Grade 8
Sean Bankston- Grade 6
Carter Cortez- Grade 7
Isabella Delpidio -Grade 7
Grace Duhon -Grade 7
Connor Eck- Grade 5
Bailey Garcia- Grade 7
Nathaniel Henderson -Grade 5
Natalia Hutchinson- Grade 8
Alyssa Jeanfreau -Grade 2
Eli Kinchen- Grade 7
Chelsea Knight -Grade 8
Jacob Laurent -Grade 5
Hunter Layrisson -Grade 5
Kimberly McKenzie- Grade 8
Aimee McLain- Grade 8
Haley Melder- Grade 8
Harper Pepitone- Grade 3
Landry Smith- Grade 8
McKena Thompson- Grade 5

250 Point Club

Emily Addison - Grade 7
Evan Garcia - Grade 4
Tyler Reeves - Grade 5