Welcome to the Library!

Welcome to the Library! - Library

Librarian - Mrs. Dawn Ekker

Mrs. Ekker can be contacted via the faculty page.

New SJS Library Site

New SJS Library Site - Library

Check out the brand new St. Joseph School library website! The site allows a visitor to search for a book in the school library and learn all kinds of information about the book as well as interesting links to other book-friendly places.

The website still has information being added daily. Be sure to visit to learn more about the SJS library!

SJS Library

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader - Library

Students in first grade through eighth grade participate in the Accelerated Reader Program, a computer based program which tests students' reading comprehension. Students earning the highest points in each reading class are announced each quarter and again at the end of the year. Students who make the 50, 100 , 250, 500 and 1000+ point club will have their names on the window in the library throughout the year. The 50 point club recipients will get a certificate at the end of the year, 100 point club members will get a medallion. Other awards are given to the 250, 500 and 1000+ point clubs at the end of the year. Celebrations for reaching your goal each quarter like free dress day, popcorn, etc. or done after each quarter.

There are over 110,000 AR quizzes available. We do not have every AR book in our library, but we do have access to every AR quiz. Because we have our program online, your child may read any AR book with a quiz, and, athought we may not carry it in our library, will take a test on it.

To determine if your books from home or any other book you may be interested in purchasing are AR books, you may use the AR Bookfinder website. Because there are so many books available to our students, it would not be feasible to print a list for every child. However, the advanced search n the AR Bookfinder website may be used to search for certain book levels and interest levels. You may also look at the collections option for recommendations and lsits of award winning titles.

New to our program this year is a special feature called Home Connect that lets you see how many points your child has, what quizzes they have taken, and how well they did. You will need your child's username and password to use the site.

2017-2018 High Point Club

2017-2018 High Point Club - Library

2017-2018 AR Point Clubs

50 Point Club

Matthew Pellittieri 8
Hanna Bankston 8
Isabella Alvarez 8
Jenny Little 8
Brennan Slade 8
Sadie Bohning 8
Jake Berner 8
Helena Cieutat 8
Ashton Vining 8
Brayden Thompson 8
Dillon Holder 8
Paige Johnson 8
Michael Brennan 8
Jadyn Richard 8
Jaya Berthelot 8
Jayda Babin 8
Jayden LaBove 8
Cade Montalbano
Irma Hyde 8
Beau Johnson 8
Rylee Morale 8
Gabrielle Bordelon 8
Ethan Wilson 8
Elijah Gregoire 7
Bella Chelette 7
Nate Sherman 7
Ian Acost 7
Joshua Alston 7
Brady Breaux 7
Bentley Kugler 7
Luke LaCroix 7
Ella LeSaicherre 7
Gage Morse 7
Laney Roberts 7
Carson Thibodeaux 7
Preston Truxillo 7
Alexandra Botolfs 7
Ryleigh Castello 7
Nicholas Cazedessus 7
Taylor Karr 7
Haley Melder 7
Camille Hamilton 7
Aimee McLain 7
Landen Raiford 7
Gage Alexander 7
Molly McCarroll 7
Chelsea Knight 7
Ally Pena 7
Connor Montalbano 7
Crista Wolfe 7
Brock Kinchen 7
Caleb Enmon 6
Alaina Pitzer 6
Allison White 6
Grace Schwaibold 6
Grant Gill 6
Gavin Gill 6
Juliana Steib 6
Emily Monistere 6
Sienna Guillot 6
Anna Foster 6
Jack Rablais 6
Gabriel Rivero 6
Sean Moran 6
Alex Roy 6
Katelynn Kempton 6
Trent Perrin 6
Luke Owens 6
Jean Treas 5
Lawson Raiford 5
Isabella Sosa 5
Kinsley Dailey 5
Kathryn Diaz 5
Abby Foster 5
Adriana Fussell 5
Ian Gremillion 5
Brian Guidry 5
Luke Higgs 5
Brinna Huizar 5
Addison Lee 5
Ethan Lauren 5
Brinley Thompson 5
Ryleigh Davis 5
Colby Davidson 4
Ace Davis 4
Emma Denneau 4
Cooper Duhon 4
Connor Eck 4
Jacob Laurent 4
Donald Marshall 4
Wyatt Sheridan 4
Alexis Schmidt 4
Oliva Alston 4
Joslyn Daigle 3
Olivia Boudreaux 3
Carter Ellzey 3
Libby Rabalais 3
Madeline Bradley 3
Aubrey Alston 3
Parker Butler 3
Kyle Fagan 3
Caleb Holliday 3
Carson Polito 3
Travis Turner 3
Gabriella Dominick 3
Maggie Millet 2
Alivia Pitzer 2
Fisher Alford 2
Lylah Madere 2
Isabelle Daniels 2
Harper Pepitone 2
Faye Boihem 2
Elle Davis 2
Kensey Knight 2
Sophia Alston 2
Reese Perrin 2
Leah Riggs 1

100 Point Club

Hannah Habisreitinger 8
Ali Foster 8
Cole Landry 8
Rebekah Peltier 8
Madison Fundling 8
Caroline Bankston 7
Landry Smith 7
Emma Arnone 7
Landon Beauchamp 7
Kimberly McKenzie 7
Abry Layrisson 7
Carter Cortez 6
Eli Kinchen 6
Marley Richard 6
Isabella Delpidio 6
Bailey Garcia 6
Marianna Fulks 6
Morgan Watkins 6
Grace Duhon 6
Carter Cortez 6
Sean Bankston 5
Daniel Wittie 5
Ava Arnone 4
Hunter Layrisson 4
Ethan Falcon 3
Annabelle Owen 3
Evan Garcia 3
Alyssa Jeanfreau 1

250 Point Club

Sophie Romano 8
Grace Alexander 6
Tyler Reeves 4
Natalie Fulks 1

500 Point Club

Annabelle Rodrigue 8
Emily Addison 7

1000 Point Club

Abigail LeSaicherre 8