Athletes of the Year

Brett Vampran and Kellie Wheat

From the Principal

Thanks to all who were so kind last week during Teacher Appreciation Week. Your generosity included gifts, cards, food, well wishes, and a car wash! I read a couple of weeks ago that job satisfaction is highest among those who are in service to others. I believe that this is certainly true among our Catholic school teachers. They enjoy their work. They love working with your children, and they appreciate the support they receive from you as parents. Thank you for letting us serve your family.

Important Calendar Changes

O May 23 - preK/K picnic
O May 24 - K promotion 9:00
O May 24 - preK promotion 12:30
O May 17-22 - 6-7th grade exams
O May 25 - Field Day 11:30 dismissal
O May 28 - Awards Day
O May 28 - last day for students 11:30 dismissal

May 25 & 28 - Important Reminders

May 25 -
Mass 8:45 (4th)
Cake raffle
11:30 dismissal
Buses will run in the morning.
NO BUSES FOR THE 11:30 DISMISSAL! Please make arrangements to pick up students from carpool lines running on both sides of the building.
May 28
Mass 8:45
Awards ceremony in the gym following Mass.
Students are to wear regular uniforms.
11:30 dismissal.
Buses will run both in the morning and at the 11:30 dismissal.
Students will be given report cards on this date.

from the Library

* Summer reading book orders will be sent home for grades 1-7 today. Eighth grade summer reading book orders will follow soon. 

*Accelerated Reader spirit dress is set for Wednesday, May 23. This is for students who have achieved their personal reading goals. These students will receive a yellow ticket if they qualify. 

*All library books must be turned in to the library no later than Tuesday, May 22. 

*Fourth quarter Accelerated Reader awards:
          Mollie Hebert (1A)                                  Kade Bleakley (1B)
          Emily Ransom (2)                                  Lauren McKneely (3)
          Leah Dahmer (4)                                   Emily Buddy (5)
         Taylor Ransom (6)                                  Phillip Ernst (7)                         Andrew Wisecarver (8).

Exam Schedule

7th & 6th grades
Thursday, May 17 ….. 7th & 4th periods
Friday, May 18 ….. 6th & 3rd periods
Monday, May 21 ….. 5th & 2nd periods
Tuesday, May 22 ….. 1st period

Summer Reading & Math Clinic

Now is the time to sign up for St. Joseph’s Summer Reading and Math Clinic.
The Reading Clinic will emphasize comprehension, phonics, word attack, reading speed, and enrichment.
The Math Clinic will emphasize the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, as well as money, telling time, and pre-algebra for older students.
The Clinic is taught by certified teachers with a low student/teacher ration of 5/1. Students completing grades K-8 are eligible to attend. Some of the classes are enrichment, and some are remedial, depending upon the students’ individual needs.

Child Protection Class

A Child Protection Class will be offered in the St. Joseph School gym on Wednesday, May 30, from 6:30-9:00. Please register at Child Protection Classes are
mandatory for all volunteers at the school

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