Introducting New Faculty

Introducing the New Faculty:
Sitting from left, Noel Harwell (Kindergarten) and Jeri Carroll (Library)
Standing from left, Fr. John Sims (Assistant Pastor) and Susan Casey (Grades 2-3 Reading and Math)

From the Principal

Welcome to the 2007-2008 school year! 

Teachers have been busy over the past two weeks getting ready for the students. The staff looks forward to an excellent school year. 

It is most important at this date that you carefully examine all the materials in this packet. Several items need to be returned immediately. Please be attentive to this so we can complete these administrative matters and proceed to the important task of educating your children. 

For those new to the school, a school newsletter, The Crusader Connection, will be published on Wednesday of each week. All important events and concerns of the St. Joseph School and Church Community will be highlighted in the newsletter.

Parents will be held responsible for information in the newsletter. Mailings are expensive. Once a matter is published in the school newsletter, all members of the community will be held accountable.

Please know that we are here to serve your family.

Meetings & Events

August 21 - Capital Campaign Library 6:30
August 22 - 7:00 Open House Grades 1-4 Classrooms
August 23 - 7:00 Home & School Gym
August 23 - 7:30 Open House Grades 5-8 7:30

Wednesday Packet

The Wednesday Packet goes home in a large white envelope with every student. This envelope will contain the students’ academic work as well as information from the office. Some office information and the school newsletter, The Crusader Connection, goes home only with the oldest in each family. 

The academic work contained in the white envelope each week is not necessarily a reflection of the previous week’s work. Time for trading and recording needs to be considered as, at times, tests do not go home until all students have taken the test. This envelope is for the parents to know the caliber of work being done by their student on a consistent basis. 

If the academic cannot be sent home on Wednesday, a letter will go home to explain why.
The student is responsible to return the envelope signed by Friday. When your student approaches you concerning this matter, please give it the attention deserved.

Carpool Information

If your student is picked up in carpool, please carefully consult the map attached to this packet and follow the plan exactly. Not only is compliance courteous, but clocking intersections or “cutting” in line could result in a traffic ticket. 

If you see a bus coming, please wait the extra second and allow the bus the right-of-way. Everyone is asked to show respect towards each other and the bus drivers who are carrying children. 

Very Important!! 
PreK and Kindergarten students with no older siblings will be dismissed at 2:15 for carpool pickup. Please do not line up in the carpool alleyway prior to 2:25 unless you are picking up a PreK or Kindergarten student. 

Blue or yellow cards have been sent home for carpool use. Please write in large, dark letters the family name of students riding in that car. Place the card in the passenger’s side windshield so that teachers may call students from the gym in a timely fashion. This will greatly expedite carpool.
Thank you for you cooperation.


New Calendar/Handbooks have been sent home today with the oldest child in each family. Parents and students should become familiar with the information contained in the handbook.
Please also be aware that the calendar was prepared far in advance to the school year. Changes of dates are sometimes to be expected. Please double check all dates with The Crusader Connection and the website calendar.

Back-to-School Nights

Parents of students in grades 1-4 will have Back-to-School Night on Wednesday, August 22, beginning at 7:00 P.M. Parents are to report to the classrooms. 

Parents of students in grades 5-8 will have Back-to-School Night on Thursday, August 23, following the Home and School Meeting which begins at 7:00 P.M. in the school gym. 

Please be reminded that these evenings are for adults only. Students and younger siblings should not be in attendance.

First Home & School Meeting

The first Home & School Meeting will be held Thursday, August 23, at 7:00 P.M. in the gym.
Faculty and Staff will be introduced at this meeting.

The meeting will be followed by an Open House for parents of students in grades 5-8.

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