Crusader Cheerleaders!

Erin Pereira, Kirsten Jackson, Erica George, Katie Bougère, Josephine Pembo, Callie Fulmer, Bennett Oalmann, Hannah VanVrancken, Colleen Atkins, Alexa Smith, Jenny Gaines, Megan Allen, Peggy West. Not pictured is Jean Girdwood.

From the Principal

As many of you know, the St. Joseph School Community grieves with the loss of one of our student’s parent in a tragic accident last Saturday night. Ken Frahm worked as a CPA in the Tangipahoa Parish community. He and his wife Sharon have been strong supporters of the school since enrolling their son Brennan in St. Joseph last August. Brennan also has a three-year-old sister Alaina. Ken is the son of longtime parishioners of St. Joseph, Mrs. and Mrs. Bill Frahm. He will be missed by many. Please keep the family in your prayers.

In a continued effort to keep students in the safest environment possible while at St. Joseph, gates on the carpool side of the building will be locked during school hours. Please use either the old church parking lot or the parking lot on Eighth Street when conducting business at the school. The gates will be opened in a timely manner for carpool traffic.


Here’s an easy way to help raise money for the school. It’s fairly effortless and doesn’t involve selling a thing!

Just send the following used items or coupons from products you already have in the house.

The school will send the items to the appropriate vendors in exchange for cash donations to the school.

This is an on-going collection. It lasts throughout the school year.

Please help out and send any of the following items to the school.

Used Cell Phones
Empty Laser Printer Cartridges
Empty Inkjet Printer Cartridges
Box Tops for Education
Community Coffee Labels.

Please see the flyers attached to today’s packet for more information.

The school no longer is involved in the Campbells Soups Label collection. It is not necessary to save those for us.

Magazine Drive

The Magazine Drive ended last week. Many, many thanks to all those students and parents who worked so hard to make it a great success. Thanks to the efforts of many, a total of over $6000 was raised for the school! This is a tremendous boost for the budget. Everyone should be proud of themselves for such great effort.
Prizes will be sent home shortly.

Spring Fair Meeting

The first meeting for the Spring Fair will be held in the cafeteria on Thursday, September 13, beginning at 6:30.
Please make plans to bring your ideas to this important and informative meeting.

Choir Tryouts

Choir Tryouts will be held on Wednesday, September 12 at 3:00 after school. Please have a ride for 3:30.
Please get with Mr. Malcolm for details

Student Council

The following students have been named to the SJS Student Council:
4th Grade - Scott Dufreche, Cassidy Fulmer, Jacob Schmaltz
5th Grade - Sarah Ryals, Dani Majeau, Madison Perrin
6th Grade - Emily Buddy, Jake Kraft, Zacary Barrient
7th Grade - Amy Henderson, Faith Allen, Josie Sergine
8th Grade - Mary Gautier, Maria Alphonso, Christie Pevey, Justin Dufreche, Matt LaMarca, Carven Corbett, Seth Bleakley.

New Clubs at SJS!

4-H Club
We are pleased to announce that 4-H is back at SJS! Mrs. Mercer will be sponsoring the 4-H Club for students in 4-8th Grades this year. The first meeting will be on Thursday, September 13, from 2:35-3:00 in the meeting room in the gym. 4-H is a club where you learn by doing. The LSU Cooperative Extension Service will come once a month to conduct the 30 minute meetings. The cost of joining 4-H is $10. Please see the flyer for more information. 

Literary Club
We are pleased to announce for the first time a Literary Club at SJS! Mrs. Redmann will be the sponsor. The next meeting of the Literary Club will be on Thursday, September 20, from 2:35-3:30, in Mrs. Redmann’s classroom.
Any students interested in running for a club office needs to contact Mrs. Redmann for information.

Book Sox for Sale

SJS now has book sox for sale in the school office.
3/$5.00 or $2.00/each.

Meetings & Events

September 12 - MidQuarter Reports
September 12 - 3:00 Choir Tryouts
September 13 - Reconciliation (8th)
September 13 - 2:35 4-H meeting
September 13 - 6:30 Spring Fair meeting in the cafeteria
September 14 - 8:30 Mass (K-8)
September 16 - 8:00 Catechetical Sunday
September 19 - 6:00 Advisory Council
September 20 - Reconciliation (7th)
September 20 - 2:35 Literary Club meeting

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