Student Council Officers

New Student Council officers are, from left, Seth Bleakley, vice president; Mary Gautier, secretary; Maria Alphonso, treasurer; Christie Pevey, president; Faith Allen, chaplain; Amy Henderson, reporter; and Justin Dufreche, sergeant-at-arms.

From the Principal

As many of you know, the Capital Campaign “Generation to Generation: Continuing the Vision” was officially kicked off this weekend at Mass.
The school is slated to be the biggest beneficiary of the Campaign with an eight room classroom for the lower grades on the agenda followed by a cafeteria-auditorium or multi-purpose building with a meeting room. The needs are critical. Classes are being held in the meeting room of the gymnasium and a small bookroom is being used as the teacher’s lounge and work area for our two lower school teachers’ aides.
Please welcome the visitor who will be coming to your home during the next few weeks. They are volunteers and are working to provide better facilities for your children. I ask that you be generous in your response to the appeal in the same way so many of you were last year for the Jumpstart Program. Thanks to Jumpstart we have enriched classrooms and a more secured campus.
The generosity of our parents and parishioners will determine the timeline for the completion the proposed projects.

Winn Dixie

It is very important for EVERYONE to re-enroll with Winn Dixie in order for the store to continue to donate to SJS.

This has been an extremely profitable fund raiser for the school in the past. For this donation to continue, every person, no matter how long you’ve already been with the program, MUST re-enroll with Winn Dixie.

Enclosed in today’s packet is an Activation Coupon. During your next visit to Winn Dixie, you simply have to have the cashier scan the Coupon as well as the Customer Reward Card at the beginning of the order so that they will be linked together.

Once the Activation Coupon and the Customer Reward Cards are linked, members only need to use the Customer Reward Card when checking out.

All cards should be re-activated by October 1, to avoid interruption of earnings.

Thank you so much for your help!

Girl Scouts

Calling all Girl Scouts!
It is Girl Scout registration time again. Come join the fun!
Forms are available in the school office.
Questions? Please contact Michele Ernst at 985-386-6618 or Jennifer Gaskins at 985-981-3968.

Mother/Daughter Program

The Marriage and Family Life Office Respect Life Program will hold its Mother/Daughter day program for
13-16 year old girls on September 23 from 2:00-4:30. It will be held in the Main Auditorium at the Tracy Center in Baton Rouge. For more information, please call Shannon Baldridge at 255-242-0323. Refreshments will be served. Reservations are necessary.

Fall Festival T-Shirts

The final day to order Fall Fest T-Shirts will be Thursday, September 20. An order form is attached to today’s packet.
Those ordering t-shirts will be able to wear them on all Fridays in October as well as on Halloween Day.

SJS Website

Have you visited our exciting new website?
St. Joseph School can be found on the web at or
The website features a photo album of downloadable high resolution pictures of the students and events happening at the school. Many other informative items, including The Crusader Connection, can also be found online.
Faculty and staff are pictured and an email feature to them is included.
Please visit us online soon.

New Clubs at SJS!

4-H Club
We are pleased to announce that 4-H is back at SJS! Mrs. Mercer will be sponsoring the 4-H Club for students in 4-8th Grades this year. The sign-up meeting will be on Thursday, September 20, from 2:35-3:00. Please bring the $10 fee with you.

If any student finds a conflict with this time but would like to still join 4-H, Mrs. Mercer will sign you up at class time on Friday. 

Literary Club
We are pleased to announce for the first time a Literary Club at SJS! Mrs. Redmann will be the sponsor. The next meeting of the Literary Club will be on Thursday, September 20, from 2:35-3:30, in Mrs. Redmann’s classroom.

Any students interested in running for a club office needs to contact Mrs. Redmann for information.

St. Paul Quote of the Week

Eph 5:20
“Give thanks always and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Father.”

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