Charter Beta Club Members

Back row, Zacary Barrient, Luke Yoes, Logan LaMarca, Jake Lipps, Seth Bleakley
Middle row, Brooke Balser, Phillip Ernst, Spencer Wylde, Adam Tournillon, Maria Alphonso
Front row, Catherine Costa, Casey Henley, Taylor Ransom, Faith Allen, Josie Serigne

From the Principal

Thank you, Mr. Malcalm!! The Christmas production was wonderful. The students threw themselves into the performance. It was an uplifting performance. 

As the holidays approach it is important to recognize that registration for the new school year is around the corner. Many of you will be in contact with other parents over the next few weeks. The nursery schools and preschools will be having Christmas parties, families will be gathering, and other opportunities will present themselves for you to speak to other parents about the school. St. Joseph School is dependent on parents to recruit. There are no better ambassadors for the school than the parents whom we serve. We are especially dependent on parents of preschoolers and kindergarten to recruit for the school. The school will also be able to accommodate a greater number of first and second graders next year as we double the second grade. We will have also limited openings in the upper grades. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and enthusiastic support of the school. The Open House for new parents will be February 18th which is President’s Day. If interested parents call the school, Ms. Cory will forward a package to them with information on the school including a brief history, an overview of the curriculum, information on the religious aspect of the school, tuition and procedures for registration. The school will also give parents an opportunity to inform us of parents who might be interested in the school and we will forward information to them. 

It is imperative if the school is to grow and prosper that parents assist us in these efforts. A prosperous school that serves a larger clientele will serve every student better because the school will be able to provide more programs. 

-- Dr. Gerard Toups

Exam Schedule

Second Quarter Exams for Students in Grades 6-8 Are as Follows:
Thursday, December 13 ….. 7th & 4th Periods 
Monday, December 17 ….. 8th & 3rd Periods 
Tuesday, December 18 ….. 5th & 2nd Periods 
Wednesday, December 19 ….. 1st Period

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Please visit “photo albums” at our website,, to see pictures of our Christmas program and many other December activities.

Spring Fair Meeting

A meeting about the Spring Fair has been scheduled for Thursday, December 13, at 7:00 P.M. in the school cafeteria. All room mothers are asked to attend.

In-Parish Tuition

To qualify for tuition as a financially supporting parishioner, a family’s weekly contribution should be a minimum of $416 per year ($8.00 per week). These contributions are to be made in full by the last day of the calendar year, December 31st. Regular use of the Sunday envelope is necessary as a sign of financial support of the Church.

Mother/Daughter Volleyball Game

The Mother/Daughter Volleyball Game will be in the Gym on Sunday, December 16, at 1:00 P.M.
Girls should bring their uniforms to be turned in.

Uniform Regulations

Cooler weather has now set upon us. Please be reminded that students may only wear SJS sweatshirts in the classrooms. 

Our uniform vendor, The Old School in Hammond, carries both the crew neck and the hooded sweatshirts with the correct SJS logo on them. Our Baton Rouge vendor, Inka’s Sc’oolWear, carries the correct crew neck sweatshirt. Every student should have an SJS sweatshirt for classroom wear in cool weather. 

The Christmas break is a perfect time to check skirt lengths for the girls. Some are growing taller and need to have the hems let out a little during this time. 

Boys should check the haircut regulations and be neat, trim, and in compliance everyday.

Advent Activities

Many thanks to all of the students and parents who made the Advent collections such a tremendous success! Many children will have a very happy Christmas thanks to the efforts of St. Joseph School and Cancer Research will receive a very nice check as a result of outstanding generosity. Over 200 new toys were collected by students in grades preK-4! 

The donations for Cancer Research were as follows:
5th Grade—$77.38 
8th Grade—$146.47 
7th Grade—$235.00 
6th Grade—$469.00 

The goal for the drive was $400. Our students beat that challenge by over $500! The grand total was $927.85! A check for that mount will be sent to Cancer Research from the students of St. Joseph School. What a wonderful way to show our Christmas Spirit!

Christmas Holidays

St. Joseph School will observe Christmas and New Years with the following holidays:
Classes dismiss for the holidays on Thursday, December 20, at 11:00 A.M. 

Buses will run in the morning, but not at 11:00. Parents will need to make arrangements for student pick-up at that time. 

After School Care will not be open that afternoon. 

Classes resume on Monday, January 7, at 7:35 A.M. Buses will not be running on this date. Parents will need to drop off and pick up all students through carpool. 

Buses resume regular operation on Tuesday, January 8.

Meetings & Events

December 13 - Exams (Grades 6-8) 7th & 4th Periods
December 14 - 8:30 Mass
December 17 - Exams (Grades 6-8) 8th & 3rd Periods
December 18 - Exams (Grades 6-8) 5th & 2nd Periods
December 19 - Exams (Grades 6-8) 1st Period
December 19 - Accelerated Reader Deadline (2nd Quarter)
Please note: The pep rally scheduled for December 19 has been postponed.
December 20 - 8:30 Mass w/Crusaders
December 20 - Spirit Dress w/Christmas Hats
December 20 - Cake Raffle
December 20 - Christmas Parties
December 20 - 11:00 Dismissal NO BUSES
December 20 - NO After School Care
January 7 - 7:35 A.M. Classes resume
January 7 - Spirit Dress w/LSU shirts

St. Paul Quote of the Week

Phil 2: 3
Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves.

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