Beta Club Officers

from left ...Brooke Balser (Secretary), Jake Lipps (Vice President), Seth Bleakley (President), Phillip Ernst (Treasurer)

From the Principal

Tomorrow is the Home and School Meeting. Again I urge each of you to attend. A significant amount of information will be shared that will impact the future of the school. This year the number of meetings was reduced in the hopes that more parents might attend. Before the meeting tomorrow night there is also an opportunity for parents to meet with teachers regarding their child’s performance in class.

Several items of interest will be discussed including building plans for the building that will be constructed in the open area near the library and be ready for occupancy at the start of the 2008-2009 school year. We will have plans of the building to review. The tuition scale for the next school year will be shared and any questions answered at the meeting. Now that the Capital Campaign is drawing to a close, some attention will be needed to be given to other matters. A huge thank you is due those who volunteered their time and worked hard to make the Campaign a success. A thank you is also due to all the families that have pledged and will sacrifice to make the school a better place for all the students.

The Open House for parents of perspective students is scheduled for February 18th. We will need help from parents to give tours of the school and prepare for that day. The Spring Fair is around the corner and energy must be garnered to host that event. The parking for the Strawberry Fest is an excellent fundraiser for the school. We need parents to step up and help with that event.

Please take a few minutes of your day to find out what is going on at your child’s school. 

--Dr. Gerard Toups


Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Thursday, January 17, from 6:00-7:00 P.M. in the classrooms. 

Teachers will send home conference requests on gold half sheets of paper with the report cards.
If you would like a conference with your child’s teacher but do not receive a gold sheet, please contact the school office (95-386-6421) on Thursday to schedule a conference.

Home & School Meeting

The Home and School Association will have a meeting on Thursday, January 17, at 7:00 P.M. in the school cafeteria. 

All parents are encouraged to attend this meeting. An important agenda item will be the announcement of tuition and fees for the 2008-2009 school year as well as the announcement of registration dates. 

The discussion of the Spring Fair will also be a highlight at the meeting. 

Please make every effort to be in attendance. 

Minutes from the previous meeting are included in today’s packet.

Free Tutoring

As a service project, St. Joseph School Beta Club will be available every Tuesday afternoon from 2:35 until 3:30 to tutor students in grades 1-5. 

Beta Club honors students from grades 6-8 will help with homework or test preparation in math, science, language arts, and social studies. 

The tutoring will take place in Room 14, upstairs in the main building in Mrs. Redmann’s classroom. Students should be picked up on carpool side promptly at 3:30. 

Spring Fair News

The Spring Fair is scheduled for March 28, 29, and 30. This is an addition to the calendar, so please be sure to mark down these important dates. 

The next Spring Fair meeting will be held Wednesday, January 16, at 7:00 P.M. in the school library. Room mothers are asked to attend to help with the organization of the classes. 

Many volunteers are needed in many areas. Please attend the meeting and/or consult the attached flyer to find out how and where to help. 

In order for the Spring Fair to be a success, everyone needs to participate in some way.

Thanks to all parents and sponsors for continued support of the St. Joseph School Spring Fair.

St. Joseph Altar

The parish’s annual St. Joseph Altar will be held in the gym on Sunday, March 9. 

The Altar Committee is looking for children to volunteers as saints for the altar. Volunteers may choose which saint they would like to portray and must make/bring their own costumes. 

There will be a mandatory meeting of parents of saints on Monday, March 3. 

Please contact Faye Murray at 985-386-8151 for more information or details.

8th Grade News

Another installment for the 8th Grade Trip was due on Tuesday, January 15. Please turn in any delinquent payments as soon as possible.

STA News

St. Thomas Aquinas High School Home and School Association announces their “Tuition for Technology” raffle. Until February 29, Home & School board members will be selling raffle tickets for $100 each. Only 100 tickets will be sold, and the lucky winner will receive free tuition for the 2008-2009 school year. The tuition is valued at $4370 and does not include fees. A $4370 cash prize can be substituted for the tuition waver. 

The lucky winner will be drawn at the STA Fish Fry on February 29. Please contact either Clara Latino (985-370-9896) or Tammy Rocker (225-294-5703) for tickets or information.

Open House

If you have friends, neighbors or relatives who might be interested in sending their children (or grandchildren) to St. Joseph School, please provide us with their names and addresses so that we may send them an invitation to our Open House on February 18. 

We are especially looking for students entering grades preK, kindergarten and first. 

Prospective parents will be able to see classes in session, meet and talk with the teachers, ask questions, and get a feel for SJS. 

Your help in this matter is most important. Thank you for your tremendous support of our school!

Meetings & Events

January 16 - Report Cards
January 16 - Spirit Dress Day for A/R ONLY
January 16 - 7:00 Spring Fair Meeting Library
January 17 - Reconciliation (grade 8)
January 17 - 2:35-3:30 Literary Club Meeting Mrs. Redmann’s Room
January 17 - 6:00-7:00 Conferences
January 17 - 7:00 Home & School Meeting Cafeteria
January 18 - 8:30 Mass
January 21 - Martin Luther King Holiday - No School!
January 23 - 6th Grade Field Trip
January 23 - 6:00 Advisory Council Library
January 24 - Reconciliation (grade 7)

St. Paul Quote of the Week

2 Cor 5:7
We walk by faith, not by sight.

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