Beta Tutoring

Maria Alphonso, eighth grade student, gives one-on-one review to Collin Thibodeaux, first grade, during a Beta Club Tutoring Tuesday session.

From the Principal

The Capital Campaign has been the main emphasis this school year. Many members of the school community have been generous in its support of the Generation to Generation Campaign. The school families are most fortunate that St. Joseph Church takes so seriously its support for Catholic education. The main beneficiary of the Capital campaign will the school. 

Even as the Generation to Generation has been the major effort this year, much progress continues to be made in the school, but not all of it is obvious to the casual observer. The fence, security system, security cameras and walkways in front of school are observable and have been most helpful. No longer do strangers walk across campus during the school day. No longer do we have to lock doors as we leave and enter buildings. All visitors must come up the front stairs and can no longer enter the school through the side doors. This is as it should be. Today a school must be secure and the activities on the grounds should be observable from a central location. Most of the funds for these improvements came from last year’s Jumpstart Program. 

Other less obvious progress, however, has also been made. First, a Wireless Local Area Network has been set up in the main school building and library. Second, a cart for notebook computers will be available to the upper grades for use soon. Five notebook computers are already in house for use on the cart. Third, Scholastic Books has just offered a very attractive set of classroom classics at a favorable price. Sets for grades one through five will be ordered. Fourth, on Friday, Mrs. Little, Mr. Naquin, Mrs. James and I will be reviewing reading textbooks for adoption for the 2008-2009 school year. 

Three major activities are set for the next couple of months that are important for the continued progress of the school. Open House and Registration are right around the corner. Again, we cannot emphasize too much the importance of Open House. The Fair and the Strawberry Fest will follow shortly. A commitment to the Fair by our families is particularly important this year because it will occur the weekend after Easter break. Good planning and full cooperation will be necessary to assure its success. Then, during the Strawberry Fest, volunteers will be needed for parking. Please know that your continued support of these events assures that progress will continue to be made. 

                                                                                                                                                 -- Dr. Gerard Toups

Catholic Schools Week

National Catholic Schools Week is January 27-February 2.
The theme for the week is: Catholic Schools Light the Way. 

Sunday, January 27 - 
Eighth grade students will read their essays about the importance of Catholic education at each of the weekend Masses. 

Monday, January 28 - 
Decorated Classroom Doors 
CSW Buttons & Cross Necklaces Distributed to Students to Wear Each Day All Week 
Mass 8:30 with Distinguished Graduate Speaker Brotherhood/Sisterhood Awards Announced 

Tuesday, January 29 - 
Distinguished Graduate Banquet in Baton Rouge 
Assistant Principal’s Day 

Wednesday, January 30 - 
Bubble Day for Students (bubbles given to students to enjoy at recess) 
Thank You Letters from Students to Parents 
Thank You Notes from SJS to Community Supporters 

Thursday, January 31 - 
Religion Fair Project Viewing by Public 6:00-7:00 p.m. 

Friday, February 1 - 
Spirit Dress with Mardi Gras Shirts National Teacher Appreciation Day 
CSW Diocesan Mass in Baton Rouge 
Krewe of Crusaders Parade 1:00 King Cake Parties after Parade 

CSW Water Bottles will be given each day to two students (one lower grades, one upper) who are wearing their CWS Buttons. Winners are determined via chance drawing.

Spring Fair News

The Spring Fair is scheduled for March 28, 29, and 30. This is an addition to the calendar, so please be sure to mark down these important dates. 

The next Spring Fair meeting will be held Wednesday, February 13, at 7:00 P.M. in the school library. Room mothers are asked to attend to help with the organization of the classes. 

Many volunteers are needed in many areas. Please attend the meeting to find out how and where to help. 

In order for the Spring Fair to be a success, everyone needs to participate in some way.
A flyer with many more details was sent home last week. Please be sure to consult it for more information. 

Thanks to all parents and sponsors for continued support of the St. Joseph School Spring Fair.

St. Joseph Altar

The parish’s annual St. Joseph Altar will be held in the gym on Sunday, March 9. 

The Altar Committee is looking for children to volunteers as saints for the altar. Volunteers may choose which saint they would like to portray and must make/bring their own costumes. 

There will be a mandatory meeting of parents of saints on Monday, March 3. 

Please contact Faye Murray at 985-386-8151 for more information or details.

Literary Club News

Students in Grades Fifth through Eighth may enter the Literary Club Spring Writing and Art Contest. 

Entries may include a story, poem, reflection, prayers, or drawing (black and white only). Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third places in both Writing and Art categories. 

The theme of the contest is DREAMS, and the deadline to submit entries is February 8.

STA News

St. Thomas Aquinas High School Home and School Association announces their “Tuition for Technology” raffle. Until February 29, Home & School board members will be selling raffle tickets for $100 each. Only 100 tickets will be sold, and the lucky winner will receive free tuition for the 2008-2009 school year. The tuition is valued at $4370 and does not include fees. A $4370 cash prize can be substituted for the tuition waver. 

The lucky winner will be drawn at the STA Fish Fry on February 29. 

Please contact either Clara Latino (985-370-9896) or Tammy Rocker (225-294-5703) for tickets or information.

Open House

If you have friends, neighbors or relatives who might be interested in sending their children (or grandchildren) to St. Joseph School, please provide us with their names and addresses so that we may send them an invitation to our Open House on February 18. 

We are especially looking for students entering grades preK, kindergarten and first.
Prospective parents will be able to see classes in session, meet and talk with the teachers, ask questions, and get a feel for SJS. 

Your help in this matter is most important. Thank you for your tremendous support of our school!

Meetings & Events

January 24 - Reconciliation (grade 7)
January 25 - 8:30 Mass with Crusaders
January 25 - Spirit Dress Day
January 25 - Cake Raffle
January 25 - 100th Day of School
January 27-February 2 Catholic Schools Week
January 28 - 8:30 CSW Mass w/Adopt-a-Child Collection
January 31 - Religion Fair
February 1 - Diocesan Mass
February 1 - Spirit Dress w/Mardi Gras Shirts
February 1 - 1:00 Krewe of Crusaders Parade and King Cake Parties
February 4-5 - Mardi Gras Holidays
February 6 - Ash Wednesday

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