Bus Safety

Second Graders Cole Hatfield and Hunter Morse pay close attention as they learn bus safety procedures. Every student at SJS received bus safety instructions this week as part of the on-going safety program at the school.

From the Principal

One of the concerns that I spoke to you about at the Open House and one that I believe needs to be stressed is the importance of school attendance. I want to emphasize that there is a direct correlation between school attendance, students being kept on task during the school day, and the success the students have in the classroom and on achievement tests at the end of the school year.

One of the great advantages of the new building is that classes are now close together and there is no need for students who change classes to travel back and forth across the street. The fact alone will increase dramatically the amount of time in the classroom and the amount of time the students are on task.

State law is very specific in terms of the time number of days students must be in school, the number of days school must be in session, the length of the school day and the length of time students are to spend in each subject.

Last year several parents had to be contacted regarding this matter. I ask again that parents be very attentive to school attendance. Plan vacations when school is not in session. Do not keep students home for minor complaints. If students are in school regularly, work at their studies, and receive support at home they will achieve success in school. 

— Dr. Gerard Toups

Calendar Events

Calendar for the Week:
August 20 - Magazine Sale Kickoff
August 22 - 8:30 Mass
August 22 - Spirit Dress Day
August 27 - 6:00 - Library Advisory Council Meeting
August 29 - 8:30 Mass
August 29 - Spirit Dress Day
August 29 - Cake Raffle Day Chances are 25 cents or 5/$1

Ink & Cell Phones

St. Joseph School has a collection box for recycling used printer ink cartridges and old cell phones. This recycle effort not only benefits the environment, but the school as well. 

Toner is not part of this recycling program at this time.

Child Protection

Enclosed with today’s packet is a checklist of everything needed in order to be in compliance with the Child Protection guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Baton Rouge. 

All items must be in place in order to be considered as an active volunteer.

First Day of Kindergarten

PRESTON DAVIDSON enjoys his first day of Kindergarten at St. Joseph School.

Magazine Drive

Also in today’s packet are materials for the annual Magazine Drive. Check out the catalog, complete the postcard, win prizes, and support St. Joseph with your new magazine order or renewal. 

Remember—magazines make great gifts!

PreK First Day of "Big School"

PRE-KINDERGARTEN is awesome say Alexus McGehee and Jade Matthews on their first full day of “big school”.


We have several carpool issues which need to be addressed in order to make the line move a little faster and with more efficiency: 

* PreK & K students with no older siblings are dismissed at 2:15. Their pickups have been issued yellow cards which allow them to move to the front of the carpool line before 2:25. 

* It is most impolite to cut into the carpool line from the side streets. Please always go to the end of the line on N 8th Street. 

* When turning from North 8th Street onto Hickory (behind the cafeteria), leave a gap of several car lengths so that the buses may turn. A sign will be erected soon to mark how large the gap should be. Meanwhile, please leave plenty of space for the buses during both morning and afternoon carpool. 

* Stay in the carpool line. Do NOT park the car and have your child meet you off campus and do NOT park the car and walk to the gym to get them. This is very dangerous practice. 

* Be courteous. 

St. Joseph is enjoying a boost in enrollment this year, therefore, more cars are moving through the carpool line. 

Please follow all rules and practice patience. The teachers are working as efficiently as possible to get everyone home safely.

Kindergarten Cuties

KINDERGARTEN students Landon Davis and Landon Fisher are totally happy with their first full day of Kindergarten at St. Joseph.

Winn Dixie Community Pals

Parents, grandparents, and other friends of St. Joseph School can help to easily benefit the school every time they shop at Winn-Dixie. 

The Community Pals Program makes a donation to the school based on a percentage of purchases credited to our group. For example, for every $60,000 participants spends at Winn-Dixie, St. Joseph School receives $1800 for that quarter. 

This is the easiest fund raiser ever. Just clip the Activation Coupons on the attached flyer, keep one, and give the other one to a friend or family member who also wishes to participate. 

Then visit Winn-Dixie and present the Activation coupon along with the Winn-Dixie Customer Reward Card at checkout. The cashier will scan both the card and the coupon which instantly begins earning points for the school. 

Both the Winn-Dixie Customer Reward Card and the Activation Coupon are free. This benefit to the school costs the shopper absolutely no extra money.
SJS sincerely appreciates all support with this program.


There is a limited supply of the fantastic 2007-2008 SJS Yearbooks in the school office. These books are available to purchase until supplies run out. The cost of a yearbook is $35. Please send the money in a labeled envelope to the office or contact Paula at 985-386-6421 for more information.

Cross Country

Students in Grades K-8 may participate in Cross Country. Students may sign up on the sports bulletin board in the upstairs hall. Practices are announced at school. 

Parents needing more information should contact the coaches, Kirk Jackson at 985-969-2840 or Ron Pembo at 985-969-3877.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts are now recruiting members. 

Any girl in grades K-8 may sign up by obtaining a registration form in the school office or by contacting 

Shelly Marasi 
at 504-733-8220 
or 800-644-7571 ext 257 
or by email at smarasi@gsle.org.

Keyboarding Away

FOURTH GRADERS Johnathan Boudreaux and Ally Serigne try their hands at keyboarding in the school’s brand-new computer lab.

St. Paul Quote of the Week

Be kind to one another, compassionate, forgiving one another as God has forgiven you in Christ.

Ephesians 4:32

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