Kindergarten/Eighth Grade Buddies

Kue Han Lee and Carl West are excited to be paired as Kindergarten and Eighth Grade Buddies.

From the Principal

Parents — 

Please be attentive to the changes in the manner in which the cafeteria will operate. 

1. As of tomorrow, August 28, students will be allowed to bring lunch to school to eat in the cafeteria. Parents will not be charged if a student chooses to bring his or her lunch to school. Lunch must come with the child in the morning and no fast food will be allowed. The breakfast for preK and Kindergarten will continue to be mandatory. 

2. Students who bring lunch will be allowed to purchase milk or juice for 50 cents, but not any of the extra treats offered to those who purchase their lunch. That is a government rule, not ours. 

3. If you made payment to the cafeteria and choose to send lunch from this date on, your balance will be carried to May. Refunds will be made at the end of the school year. 

4. Please be aware that if you fall in debt to the cafeteria by more than three days ($7.20), your child will not be served. If a child is without lunch or more than three days in debt to the cafeteria, he or she will be sent to the office to call a parent. Please be attentive to this so we do not have to bother you. Payment for lunch can be made by check to the cafeteria manager or online so there is no excuse for not attending to this matter. 

5. The school is able to offer these choices since enrollment has increased and participation should be such as to support the lunchroom staff and keep the cafeteria operating. 

6. The new rules regarding payment were placed in effect this year by the State of Louisiana. 

7. Finally, if there are any questions you have regarding these matters, please call Ms. Gwen Klein, the cafeteria manager, at 985-.386-8075. 

— Dr. Gerard Toups

Calendar Events

Calendar for the Week:
August 27-September 3 Magazine Sale Continues
August 27 - 6:00 - Library Advisory Council Meeting
August 29 - 8:30 Mass
August 29 - Spirit Dress Day
August 29 - Cake Raffle Day Chances are 25 cents or 5/$1
September 1 - Labor Day Holiday
September 2 - Classes Resume
September 2 - Home & School Exec Board

Kindergarten/Eighth Grade Buddies

Taylor Ransom and Anthony Cazedessus

A long-time tradition at St. Joseph School is for the students in the Eighth Grade class to be paired with a Kindergarten buddy. 

The students were paired up last week. Several of their pictures are included in today’s Crusader Connection and more can be found online at 

On Buddy Day the students got acquainted and spent time on a religious craft project. They will have various other fun days together throughout the school year and will meet each Friday for the school celebration of the Mass.

Accelerated Reader

All students in Grades 1-8 will be participating in the Accelerated Reader (AR) Program. A guide for the program has been attached to today’s packet. 

AR is a computer program that helps teachers and librarians manage and monitor students’ independent reading practices. A student chooses a book at his or her own level and read it at his or her own pace. When finished, the student takes a short quiz on the computer. Passing thie quiz is an indication that the student understood what was read. AR gives both students and teachers feedback based on the quiz results which the teacher then uses to help the student set goals and direct ongoing reading practice. 

Before the library is officially open for the school year, the students take a reading comprehension test called STAR reading which is used to determine what book level the student should be reading. STAR reading also helps to determine a student’s individual library goal.
In addition, teachers ask that students read a set number of points which count toward their quarterly grade. 

The library goal is not necessarily the same amount of points that the student’s teacher requires for their grade level. 

A very detailed explanation of AR, including the website which lists all (over 110,000) AR books is attached. 

Please contact Mrs. Carroll at 985-386-6421 or with questions.

Grandparents Day

Friday, September 5, will be a great day for Grandparents at St. Joseph School! 

All students are encouraged to invite their grandparents or other special family member to the school for an afternoon of fun and entertainment in appreciation of all that grandparents do for their grandchildren. 

The celebration will begin at 1:00 p.m. in the Church with a prayer service and student readings. 

Following this gathering, grandparents will move to the gym where they will be met by their grandchildren and be entertained with student performances and refreshments. 

Students will play music and the cheerleaders will perform for the enjoyment of everyone.
The SJS Home and School Association will be on hand to serve refreshments to grandparents and students. 

Visitors will be encouraged to visit the new construction added over the summer as well as the rest of the school campus. 

Students may go home with grandparents if the grandparents sign them out from the teachers.

More Buddies!

McKenzie Stewart and Eighth Grader Amelia-Kate Johnson.

Still More Buddies!

Taylor Tumulty with her new Eighth Grade Buddy Callie Hines.

Parent Broadcast

A test-run for Parent Broadcast will go out to all numbers this evening. 

Parent Broadcast is our method of notifying parents of any emergencies at school as well as important meetings and events. 

If you do not receive a call or would like to change the numbers used for Parent Broadcast, please contact Paula in the school office. 985-386-6421

Magazine Sale

Magazine Sale
September 3.
Every renewal
and new subscription
students at
Thank you for
your support!

Group Buddies!

Faith Allen with her budies Ellie Gaasch, left, and Krislyn dapprich.

St. Paul Quote of the Week

...whatever is true; whatever is honorable; whatever is just; whatever is pure; whatever is lovely; whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Phil 4:8

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