Guest Speaker

Brother Ramon of St. Joseph Parish recently joined some of the classes to share and meet the students.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, 

This is one final request for your support of the Annual Development Drive.
Remember if you itemize, donations are deductible.
Computer donations provide another 40% tax credit from the state if you pay state income tax.

Thank you for those who have been so generous. Everyday envelopes are received in school with parental donations. Again, our pledge is to spend every dollar received with care.

The bid for the classroom building across the street will be awarded on October 25. Work on the new building will begin shortly after that.
There has also been some movement on the demolishing of the Notre Dame Center. We will keep you informed.

The weather forecast is looks good for Friday for the Fall Fest. Students and teachers have been working hard and this is an effort to break the routine and have a little fun as a community. I hope many of you can join us. 

—Dr. Gerard Toups

Calendar Events

Calendar for the Week:
October 23 - Penance Service (3-4-5)
October 24 - 8:30 Mass
October 24 - Spirit Dress or Fall Fest T-Shirts
October 24 - 12:00-2:00 Fall Festival
October 25 - 7:00-10:00 H&S Sock Hop (5-8 Grade)
October 27-31 - Red Ribbon Week
October 27 - Field Trip (6th & 8th)
October 28 - 9:00-11:00 Career Day
October 29 - Field Trip (3rd)
October 30 - Reconciliation (4th)

School Records Update

Please check the attached contact information and return the form back to school as soon as possible. 

This is the way the office updates school records. This information needs to be accurate because these addresses and phone numbers are used for communications to and from school. If the parents/guardians of the students do not live together, please supply us with the correct address of the other parent/guardian. If you do not want contact to be made with the other parent/guardian, please note this on the form. 

Also, addresses for many grandparents are not complete. The school does send bulletins to everyone that grandparents would thoroughly enjoy. Remember - ZIP codes are important! 

If any changes need to be made, just write them on the form itself. If everything is correct, return the form anyway. Thank you for your help in updating our records.

Third Grade Columbus Day

Brennan Currier & Gabrielle Gremillion

Teddy Bear Letters

Special Education Teddy Bear letters are attached to today’s packet.
Please read the information and return the letter if you think your student might need this service.

Student Council

Student Council asks that when parents are cutting labels for Box Tops for Education, Community Coffee, and Campbell’s Soups products, please make sure not to cut the bar code. If the bar code is ripped, it invalidates the label and it cannot be used.

Calendar Changes

Class pictures will be taken with basketball pictures on November 5.
Retakes for individual (in uniform) pictures will also be taken on November 5.
The H&S Family Night for November 7 has been cancelled.

Third Grade Columbus Day

Evan Babineaux, Noah Swanner, Kaleb Kraemer

4-H Club

The first meeting of the SJS 4-H Club will be on Friday, October 24, from 2:50-3:50 in the Second Grade Classroom. 

This club is open to any SJS student in Grades 4-8. New members are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Students should be picked up promptly at 3:50 on the carpool side of the school. 

Questions may be directed to Mrs. Courtney Jacobs at 985-386-6421.

From the Cafeteria

The lunch envelope is for your records. 

Please keep the lunch envelope unless a payment is to be made. 

On-line payments and daily lunch purchases can be recorded on the envelopes as a means of keeping track. 

A late notice will be sent home if a student owes lunch money or extra sales money to the cafeteria.
Please contact Ms. Gwen Klein, cafeteria manager, at 985-386-8075 with any cafeteria questions.

STA Open House

All 7th and 8th Grade students and their parents are invited to an open house at St. Thomas Aquinas High School on Thursday, November 20, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about St. Thomas and the benefits of a Catholic high school education for your child. 

Mark your calendars!!

Third Grade Columbus Day

Mallory Pecoraro & Alexis Derbes
See more pictures online at photo albums on the website.


The SJS Varsity Volleyball Team has qualified for the NIAL Tournament.
St. Joseph will host the tournament on Monday and Wednesday, October 27 and 29.
Come out and cheer on our girls!


Parents are requesting that everyone show a little more respectful fair behavior in carpool lines.
Please … no cutting in line or passing up others who have been waiting.
A little patience and “do unto others” kindness is all it takes to make the line move quickly, smoothly, and SAFELY!

St. Paul Quote of the Week

The Lord will rescue me from every evil threat and will bring me safe to His heavenly kingdom. To Him be glory forever and ever. Amen.

2Tm 4:18

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