Book Fair Continues ....

Book Fair Continues
Adam Poche, Clayton D’Atonti, and Jennifer Gaines greatly enjoy choosing selections at the Book Fair. The Fair continues on Thursday and Friday of this week.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, 

Congratulations to the St. Joseph Junior High Boy’s Cross Country for their third place finish behind St. Paul’s and Fountainbleau Junior High in the Northshore Cross Country Championship last week. Kraemer Jackson finished second in the race. Members of the team included Luke Bleakley, Ronald Pembo, Timothy Poche, Lane Perilloux, and Adam Hebert. The girl’s team did not have the required numbers to place as a team, but fifth grader Lauren Hebert finished third and Callie Fulmer finished fifth for a very respectable representation.. Holly Guay and ClaireChapin Perilloux also competed in the Girl’s Division. 

Parents should visit the web sites of the math series if they wish extra work for their child. has work that coordinates with the textbooks for grades K-5 

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holidays with your family. As a school community we certainly have many reasons to be thankful. The school continues to progress. The new building construction has begun. Even though there is some disruption in the program with the loss of the playground, the rewards will be well worth it.

—Dr. Gerard Toups

Calendar Events

Calendar for the Week:
November 17-21 - Book Fair Week
November 20 - 7:35 T’giving Program in Gym (Grades preK, 1, 3 Perform)
November 20 - Field Trip (7th)
November 20 - 6:00 STA Open House 7th & 8th Grades
November 20 - 7:00 Spring Fair Meeting Cafeteria
November 20-21 - Food Drive Continues
November 20-21 - Book Fair Continues
November 21 - 8:30 Mass (Pilgrims & Indians) and Crusaders
November 21 - Spirit Dress/Cake Raffle
November 24-28 - Thanksgiving Holidays
November 30 - First Sunday of Advent
December 1 - Classes Resume

Student Council News

Kicking Cans ...
Student Council is collecting non-perishable food items for Thanksgiving Baskets. They will be accepting items until Friday morning at assembly. This year , SJS has been challenged by Ponchatoula High School to see which school can collect more items for this worthy cause. Please be generous and help SJS with the Kick Their Cans Count! 

Campbell’s Soup Labels …
Thanks to all those who have been sending in their labels for Community Coffee, Box Tops for Education, and Campbell’s Soup. With your generous contributions, we were able to purchase four balance scales, a model of the cross-section of the Earth, and a scanner! Keep sending in those labels!

Spring Fair

There will be a meeting concerning the Spring Fair on Thursday, November 20, at 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. 

Please come, get involved, and share your ideas to help the success of the Spring Fair.

Grandparent Day Picture

Grandparent Day Picture - Evelyn Trabeau (former SJS teacher) and Stephanie Ekker
See more on the website at "Photo Albums"


There will be a mandatory meeting for parents of all basketball players on Tuesday, December 2, beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the gym.

Cafeteria Updates

All parents eating lunch with their children must have exact change of $3.70. There is no charging on the student lunch account. 

Starting December 1, the cafeteria will only accept checks or money orders for lunch or extra sales. Lunch or extra sales payments can be made on-line.

Accelerated Readers

Our First Quarter High Point Accelerated Readers were as follows:
8th Grade - Taylor Ransom 162.5 
7th Grade - Emily Buddy 130.7 
6th Grade - Shelby Bagby 189.8 
5th Grade - Savanna Barrient 52.8 
4th Grade - Emily Ransom 123.1 
3rd Grade - Jayden Berthelot 7.3* 
3rd Grade - Joseph Pellittieri 35.8* 
2nd Grade - Thomas Casey 24.6 
1st Grade - Cheyanne Hartman 2.0* 
1st Grade - Caroline Casey 15.0*
* We have two Reading Classes in both first and third grades. 
Congratulations to all our wonderful readers!

Grandparent Day Picture

Grandparent Day Picture - Sherlynne Meissner (former SJS principal) and Holly Hariel
See more on the website at "Photo Albums"

Schwan Orders

The next meeting of the Home and School Association will be held in the school cafeteria on Thursday, December 4.

Please come out to participate in the progress of the school. 

A Schwan truck will be on site following the meeting for any purchases parents would like to make. A percentage of the purchases will be donated to the school. There is no obligation to make purchases. 

A Customer Product Reservation Form is attached for your convenience. You may FAX your order to Schwan and pick it up from the truck on the evening of the Home and School Meeting.
Please call 985-871-5404 with questions.

STA Open House

All 7th and 8th Grade students and their parents are invited to an open house at St. Thomas Aquinas High School on Thursday, November 20, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about St. Thomas and the benefits of a Catholic high school education for your child. 

Mark your calendars!!

4-H Club Meeting

There will be a 4-H meeting on Friday, November 21, from 2:50-3:50 in the Second Grade Classroom. 

Please bring all permission slips in to that meeting.

Grandparent Day Picture

Grandparent Day Picture - Mackie LeBlanc (former SJS student) and Jenny Little
See more on the website at "Photo Albums"

New Year's Eve Dance

The Home and School Association is making plans for a New Year’s Eve dance on Wednesday, December 31, from 9:00-1:00 in the SJS gym. 

Music will be by Prime Time Band. Admission is $50 per couple and includes a bottle of champagne as well as set-ups. 

Please contact Paula at 985-386-6421 for information or tickets

St. Paul Quote of the Week

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Phil 4:6

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