December Crusaders

December Crusaders
Catherine Costa (8th) and Cody Majeau (1st)

From the Principal

Student Council President Faith Allen presents St. Joseph Pastor Father Justin Kauchak his Christmas gifts from the students.

Dear Parents, 

The administration, faculty, and staff of St. Joseph School wish to extend to everyone a heartfelt thanks for all of the generosity shown by parents and students for Christmas. It is truly a blessing to be part of the family at SJS! 

We also thank everyone for their generous donations to the Dominicans who serve our school in so many ways. 
The students presented their donations to Father Kauchak, Father John, and Brother Ramon at the last Mass before the Christmas holidays. 

—Dr. Gerard Toups

Brother Ramon

Student Council President Faith Allen presents Brother Ramon Gonzalez with a Christmas gift from the students.

Calendar Events

Calendar for the Week:
January 7 - Report Cards
January 9 - 8:30 Mass with Adopt-a-Child Collection
January 12-16 - National Vocation Awareness Week
January 15 - Penitential Prayer Service (Grades 6-8)
January 15 - 7:00 Spring Fair Planning Meeting in the Library
January 16 - 8:30 Mass
January 19 - Martin Luther King Holiday
January 22 - Reconciliation (8th)
January 23 - 8:30 Mass with Crusaders
January 23 - Cake Raffle
January 26-30 - Catholic Schools Week

Policy Change for Grades 5-8

Beginning with this new semester, there will be a change in policy regarding unexcused absences for students in 5th through 8th grades. 

Students who miss tests, quizzes, and/or classwork due to unexcused absences, which are absences other than illness with a doctor’s excuse or death in the family, will be required to make up the work after school on Thursday afternoons. It is understood that a make-up test or quiz may be given in a different forms, such as an essay, at the discretion of the teacher. 

Also, teachers will no longer give assignments/tests in advance for planned absences. Students are responsible for getting the work that they missed while absent. Making up missed classwork/test/quizzes during class time for unexcused absences disrupts instructional time and causes students who have already been absent to miss even more instruction. 

Students who make up work during the Thursday sessions should be picked up at 3:45 on the carpool side of the building. Students who are not picked up on time will be sent to After School Care where the usual charges will apply. 

Students who fail to report for make-ups on the Thursday specified by the teacher will receive a failing grade on all work missed.

Home & School Notes

Dear SJS Parents,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year’s Eve. We now are at that time of year when we will be putting the Spring Festival planning into high gear. We have already decided on a theme, and have lined up three different bands for the three days of the event. With the Notre Dame building now gone, we will have additional room to expand the footprint towards the back field.

Remember the dates of the Festival are March 20, 21, 22. Mark your calendars, try to get off work, and don’t plan a camping trip, so you can do your part during the event.

Our next planning meeting for the fair is on January 15th at 7pm in the library. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Please make an effort to attend as your input is very important. This is OUR event, and its success is directly tied to the amount of our tuition increase for the future.

- George Waddell, President SJS H&S

Jr. Beta Club News

The Jr. Beta Club at St. Joseph School will have its membership induction ceremony on Friday, January 16, at the 8:30 Mass. The ceremony will be followed by a short reception in the gym.

SJS Open House

If you have friends, neighbors or relatives who might be interested in sending their children (or grandchildren) to St. Joseph School, please provide us with their names and addresses so that we may send them an invitation to our Open House on February 16. 

We are especially looking for students entering grades preK, kindergarten and first. 

Prospective parents will be able to see classes in session, meet and talk with the teachers, ask questions, and get a feel for SJS. 

Your help in this matter is most important. Thank you for your tremendous support of our school!

Christmas Program

Blaine Earhart as Joseph, Elena Wisecarver as Mary, and Annabelle Owens as Baby Jesus

Students at all grade levels as well as parents, grandparents, and friends enjoyed the Christmas Program presented our last day of school in 2008. Please see more pictures on our website.

St. Paul Quote of the Week

We walk by faith, not by sight.

2Cor 5:7

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