Ashes to ashes ...

Ashes to ashes ...
Kerrigan Jackson and Sarah Kyle receive their ashes.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, 

Today is Ash Wednesday. The students had a half day retreat today. They started the retreat at assembly this morning. They attended Mass and continued the day in their classroom. The purpose of the retreat was to bring home to them the purpose of Lent, a time for prayer, generosity, sacrifice in anticipation of Christ coming at Easter. Please reinforce this with your children. The school, through the direction of Mrs. Dyer and the teachers, does an excellent job of assuring that the students receive preparation at school. Your obligation as parents is to follow our work at home.
This morning we returned to school and the slab for the new building was poured. In addition, the subsurface drainage along the gym and the main building was also almost completed. A small slab was poured for the students waiting for the buses. That whole area turned into a bog when it rained. The drains along the street are also open so we should not have a repeat of the mess we had for the Spring Fair last year. 

Last week we also had to order a new copier. The old machine had two million copies on it. This is just some information to assure you as parents that the school continues to make progress. Sometimes these are small steps, sometimes the improvement has significant impact on the program. It is only with your support that these projects can be completed. I thank you on behalf of your children for your support. 

—Dr. Gerard Toups

Calendar Events

Calendar for the Week:
February 26 - Spring Pictures Out of Uniforms
February 27 - Spirit Dress
February 27 - 1:55 Stations of the Cross Grades 1-8
March 2 - Advisory Council Nominations
March 3-4 - SEP X
March 5 - Penitential Prayer Service Grades 3-5
March 6 - 8:30 Mass
March 6 - Adopt-a-Child Collection
March 6 - Spirit Dress (Spring Fair T-Shirt Option)
March 6 - Accelerated Reader Deadline
March 6 - 1:55 Stations of the Cross Grades 1-8

Spring Pictures

Barberito Photographers will be at St. Joseph School tomorrow, February 26, to take spring pictures of the students. 

We do not require students to wear uniforms on this day. However, students must dress in a manner which conforms to the school standards, i.e. modest, appropriate, “dressier” picture clothes would be in order. Open toed shoes, backless shoes, Croc-type shoes, and high heeled shoes are NOT appropriate. 

The photographer will send home a proof for your consideration of purchase of a package. No money should be sent prior to taking the picture. 

Information was included with last week’s packet.

February Crusaders

February Crusaders
Krystal Waddell (6th) and Joseph Pellittieri (2nd)

Advisory Council Nominations

It is once again time to elect new members to the St. Joseph School Advisory Council. 

Requirements for nomination to the Council are listed on the nomination form. The form is due back to school on Monday, March 2. 

Ballots for Advisory Council will be sent home later in March.


An order form for Pay-One-Price ride bands for the Wild West Spring Fest on March 20-21-22 is included with today’s packet. 

Ride bands are $13.00 in advance. They will be $15.00 at the fair. 

Please complete the order form and return it with payment to school by Friday, March 13. Tickets will be sent home on Wednesday, March 18.

Fish Fry

SJS will be serving fish fry dinners through the car pool line starting at dismissal. 

The cost of a dinner is $7.00. If you would like to purchase advance tickets, an order form is included for your convenience. 

Please return the order form and payment by Friday, March 13.

New Altar Servers

Any student in Grades 4-8 who wishes to become an Altar Server should a registration/orientation meeting at the church on Sunday, March 8, at 1:30. 

This meeting is for new servers, not those already trained. 

Parents should check with Glen or Michele Ernst about pick-up time when they drop off their children.

St. Joseph Altar

Any students in grades 4-8 who wish to be a “saint” and participate in the St. Joseph Altar should contact Mrs. Faye Murray at 985-386-8151 for information and details. 

The Altar will be held on March 15.

SJS Cheer Clinic

The St. Joseph cheerleaders will sponsor a mini cheer clinic on Saturday, March 28, for any SJS students in PreK through Third Grades. 

The clinic will begin at 8:30 and mini cheerleaders will perform for their families at 1:30 in the school gym. 

The cost will be $25, and participants will receive a certificate, a t-shirt, and an SJS hair ribbon.
Please register by Friday, March 6, to be included in the fun! 

A registration form is included with today’s packet.

Exam Schedule

The exam schedule for third quarter will be as follows: 

Monday, March 9 
Reading and Science 

Tuesday, March 10 
English and Social Studies 

Wednesday, March 11 

Operation Rice Bowl

Operation Rice Bowl is the official Lenten program of Catholic Relief Services. 

It began in 1975, and has since become a tradition in the Catholic Church in the United States. 

Each year millions of U.S. Catholics put their faith into action by participating in Operation rice Bowl and reach out to help those in need throughout the world. 

75% of your contributions to Operation Rice Bowl support projects overseas and Lenten education activities in the U.S. 

25% of your contributions remain in our own diocese to help end hunger and poverty that exists in our own communities. 

If you are searching for a good cause to donate to this Lenten season, please consider Operation Rice Bowl. 

Rice Bowls are available at the church.

Mardi Gras Parade!

Mardi Gras Parade Fun!
See more Mardi Gras Parade pictures on the school website in “Photo Albums”.

St. Paul Quote of the Week

He saved us and called us to a holy life.

2Tim 1:9

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