Algebra I Rally Winners

Scott Felder, left, 1st Place
Taylor Ransom, 4th Place

English I Rally Winners

Alex vonAlmen, left, 4th Place
Luke Yoes, 2nd Place

From the Principal

Dear Parents, 

Thank you to all who worked the Fair this weekend and to all who supported it in any way. We were blessed with beautiful weather and as soon as bills are paid and we receive the final totals, we will publish those figures. The kids all seemed to have a great time; the food and drink were good, and there were no incidents of any kind to mar the good times. All the proceeds will go to benefit the school. 

We had some great news on the academic front this weekend. Each year we send four students to Southeastern for District Literary Rally. Results for the contest were very rewarding. In English 1, Luke Yoes finished 2nd and will represent the school a the State Literary Rally at LSU in April. Our other representative in English 1 was Alex Von Almon. Alex placed a very respectable fourth.
In Algebra 1 Scott Felder placed 1st and, although we do not compete in the same division as the other schools in Tangipahoa Parish, Scott had the highest score in Tangipahoa Parish. He will represent the school at LSU at the State Rally also. Taylor Ransom also took the test a finished fourth. We congratulate these students and appreciate the fact that they represented the school so well. 

In addition, two students will advance to the State Social Studies and Science Fairs after placing locally. Amelia Johnson will represent the school at the state Science Fair and Kitch Taylor will represent the school at the State Social Studies Fair. 

It gives all of us great pleasure to see our students excel. The awards are reflective of all the good work all of our students, the support of their families, and the efforts made in our classrooms. 

—Dr. Gerard Toups

Calendar Events

Calendar for the Week
March 25-26 - Terra Nova Testing (8th)
March 25 - 6:00 First Communion Meeting
March 26 - Reconciliation (3rd)
March 26 - Wear Purple for Epilepsy $1.00
March 27 - 8:30 Mass w/Crusaders
March 27 - Spirit Dress (NO Spring Fest Shirts)
March 27 - Cake Raffle
March 27 - 1:55 Stations of the Cross (1st-8th)
March 30-April 3 - Terra Nova Testing (2nd-7th)
April 1-3 - LEAP Testing (8th)
April 2 - 7:00 Home & School Meeting
April 3 - 8:30 Mass

Spring Fest Raffle Winners

left to right Jaya Berthelot, Jayden Berthelot, Aiden Koren, Chase Colkmire, Slade Smith, Haleigh Laylle, Krislyn Dapprich 

Thanks to all who participated in the $1000 raffle for the fair. With your support, the raffle has once again made $6500! 

Congratulations to Stephanie Ballard, winner of the $1000. 

Because of the positive response to the raffle contest, the top seven sellers were able to be awarded. Combined, these sellers were responsible $1450! 

The winners are as follows: 
first place—Krislyn Dapprich 
second place—Slade Smith 
third place—Chase Colkmire 
fourth place—Jayden Berthelot 
fifth place—Jaya Berthelot 
sixth place—Aidan Koren 
seventh place—Haleigh Laylle.

New Advisory Council Members

The two new members elected to serve on the Advisory Council for 2009-2010 are Jayna Berthelot and Raymond Mauterer. Re-elected for another term was Mary Ransom.
Thank you very much to all of those who consented to run for the Council, and congratulations to the winners.

2009-2010 Cheerleaders

Congratulations to the following girls named to the SJS 2009-2010 cheerleading squad:
Fourth Grade—Blair Atkins, Ally Serigne. 
Fifth Grade—Caitlin Abadie, Savanna Barrient, Chelsea Corbin, Emily Waddell, Remi Wilson. 
Sixth Grade—Grayson Boudreaux, Morgan Fontenot, Bethany Herrick, Lexie Hoover, Kirsten Jackson, Dani Majeau, Bennett Oalmann, Erin Pereira, Sarah Ryals, Krystal Waddell. 
Seventh Grade—Colleen Atkins, Katie Bougere, Callie Fulmer, Jean Girdwood, Calyn Landaiche.

Science Fair Winner

Amelia-Kate Johnson

Social Studies Fair Winner

Kitch Taylor

St. Jude Math-a-Thon

WOW! A great big thanks to all participants in the Math-a-Thon!
We raised $3082 for the children at St. Jude’s Research Hospital.
What a wonderful gesture during this Lenten season!

First Communion Meeting

There will be a mandatory orientation meeting for the parents of all students involved with First Communion on Wednesday, March 25, at 6:00 p.m. in the Day Chapel of St. Joseph Church.
We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Wearing o' the Purple

Shelby Bagby, a Sixth Grade student at St. Joseph, is spearheading our annual Spring Benefit for the Epilepsy Foundation. 

She is asking that students each donate $1.00 in order to wear a purple shirt with their spirit dress tomorrow, Thursday, March 26. 

Shelby’s little brother has epilepsy and is asking for help from the student body. 

Please support this good cause.

Strawberry Festival Parking

This year the Strawberry Festival is April 3-4-5. As many of you know, St. Joseph School parks cars for the Strawberry Festival. This is a major fund raiser for the school. Last year parking was a huge financial success. We parked close to 1800 cars in two days. That success was due to the volunteers. 

We are again asking for volunteers for this year’s event. Please see the attached flyer for days and times. You can e-mail Jeff Schmitt at or contact him at 985-320-7711 to sign up or for details. 

We had a great Spring Fest, so let’s keep that momentum going for the Strawberry Festival Parking!

500 Accelerated Reader Points!

Emily Ransom

St. Paul Quote of the Week

He save us and called us to a holy life.

2Tim 1:9

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