Psalm 81

R. Sing with joy to God our help.

“My people heard not my voice,

and Israel obeyed me not;

So I gave them up to the hardness of their hearts;

they walked according to their own counsels.”

R. Sing with joy to God our help.

“If only my people would hear me,

and Israel walk in my ways,

Quickly would I humble their enemies;

against their foes I would turn my hand.”

R. Sing with joy to God our help.

“Those who hated the LORD would seek to flatter me,

but their fate would endure forever,

While Israel I would feed with the best of wheat,

and with honey from the rock I would fill them.”

R. Sing with joy to God our help.


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Home & School Association

The Home and School Executive Committee proposes the following amendment to its Bylaws.

Section VI (Officers) , Part 5(Treasurer), Subsection E

Make disbursements as authorized by the Executive Committee or membership in accordance with the budget adopted by the membership.  No check is to be written over Three hundred fifty dollars ( $350.00) without getting prior approval  from the Executive Committee in a vote.

The change will allow the treasurer to respond to the day to day needs of our children.  The current limit is $50.00 which requires the committee to constantly vote on funding for even the most basic of events.

Please come to the first meeting (August 18 @ 6:30 in the gym) to discuss and vote on this Amendment.  We also would like your input on other issues being considered by the board.

Read more about the Home and School Association on the H&S section of this website.


John Falcon, President

St Joseph Home and School Association


St. Joseph Parish

Rev. John Dominic Sims, O.P. - Pastor 
Rev. Cayet Mangiaracina, O.P. - Parochial Vicar
Rev. J.D. Logan, O.P. - In Residence
Larry J. Melcanon - Deacon

Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil Mass - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday Mass - 8:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 5:00 p.m.

Contact Information
Address - 255 North 8th Street (P.O. Box 368), Ponchatoula, LA 70454
Phone - 985.386.3749

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