From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Parents should know that at the Advisory Board Meeting held at the beginning of the month, the Board advised Mrs. Little and me that they did not favor participating in the State scholarship program (vouchers). We agreed with that decision. That decision was respected and no plans were made to enroll.

On the day before the Scholarship Program Applications from the schools were due to the state, Father John received a phone call from Bishop Muench indicating that he wanted the school to participate. Father John called me last Thursday evening and let me know that we needed to participate, and I agreed. When the Bishop speaks, we all need to support his decision. The message was that we were to take a minimum of two students into the school, and that is what we did. 

On Friday we completed the application and indicated that we had two openings total in the school. 

Please know that we will do all necessary to assure that this does not in any way affect the quality of the St. Joseph School program.

These two students will make up less than one quarter of one percent of the population. They must adhere to our guidelines for behavior and scholarship or they will not last long. They must attend all classes including religion class.

Please be patient. The Church wants to participate because there is hope someday that the funds available for educating all children in Louisiana will follow the child to the schools of the parent’s choice. 

More information on the program is available at

-- Dr. Gerard Toups

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