Here is a link for you to check your student's AR ( Accelerated Reader) progress. You will need your child's username and password to log on. When logged on, there is a tab you can click on to enter your email address for updates. Every time your child takes a test the results will be emailed to you.

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AR tests can only be taken at school.

August 2021

August 2021.pdf

Mid - Quarter

September 2nd - Mid-Quarter

Labor Day - September 6th - School closed.

September 9th

Individual Pictures - September 9th

Order forms went home in the Wednesday packet today!

Our word of the week is Compassionate.

“The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.” Psalm 145:9

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 29, 2021

“The one who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord.” Ps. 15


Gospel reflection question

The disciples come into the marketplace, sharing food with anyone who is there. They don’t wash their hands, and people wonder why that is. Jesus tells them it's better to be pure of heart and open to the will of God.

How can we become pure of heart?

Looking Ahead!

September 2 - Midquarter

September 6 - Labor Day Holiday

September 14 - September Birthdays

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