Individual Pictures

Individual school pictures will be taken (TOMORROW) Thursday, September 7. Students must wear their uniforms.

September Birthdays

September 12 - September Birthdays - Free Dress

Please check the handbook for birthday free dress guidelines!

First Responder Mass

We will honor our 1st Responders at Mass on Wednesday, September 13th.


Our word of the week is Courtesy.

Bible Verse:

“ Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4

September Menu -2023

September 2023 - Lunch Menu.pdf

September - 2023

September 2023.pdf

STA Dance Camp

Saints of the Week

Monday, September 4th - Saint Rose of Virtebo

When Rose was only ten years old she began preaching in the streets, in the manner of St. Francis, about sin and the sufferings of Jesus. Although she died in 1251, when she was only 18 years old, she had made a place in her life for God’s grace and saw death as the gateway to new life. She is the patroness of florists and flower growers.

St. Rose, pray for us!

Tuesday, September 5th - Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa was born in Albania in 1910. At age 18, she entered the Loreto Sisters but later, while working in India, she heard a call to give up her life with the Sisters and instead, to “follow Christ into the slums to serve him among the poorest of the poor.” She called this the “call within a call.” Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!

Wednesday, September 6th - Blessed Claudio Granzotto

Born in Italy in 1900, Claudio was the youngest of nine children and was accustomed to hard work in the fields. At the age of 9, he lost his father. Six years later, he was drafted into the Italian army. He then entered the Friars Minor and dedicated his life to prayer, charity to the poor, and artistic work. He developed into such an excellent sculptor that his work turns people

toward God, even today!
Blessed Claudio Granzotto, pray for us!

Thursday, September 7th - Blessed Frederic Ozanam

Born in 1813, Fre?de?ric was a French literary scholar, lawyer, journalist and equal rights advocate. He was once challenged in a discussion about Religion with this question: What do you do, besides talk, to prove the faith you claim is in you?”
He then decided to found a new group which would be

dedicated to helping those in need. He named it the St. Vincent de Paul Society.
Blessed Frederic Ozanam, pray for us!

Friday, September 8th - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Scripture does not give an account of Mary’s birth but according to Tradition, Anna and Joachim were infertile and prayed for a child. They received the promise of a child who would advance God’s plan of salvation for the world. Such a story stresses the special presence of God in Mary’s life from the very beginning. Happy Birthday, Blessed Mary!

Looking Ahead

September 7 - Individual Pictures
September 12 - September Birthdays - Free Dress
September 13 - First Responder Mass
September 22 - Grandparents Day
September 25 - 29 - Book Fair
September 27 - Family Night at Book Fair

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